Walking Tour

A History of Manchester as a Smart City

A walking tour exploring Manchester's Smart side with Anne Beswick

Manchester is innovative and smart. That is what made us one of the first cities of the Industrial Revolution and changed a sleepy market town into Cottonopolis. In the mid-19th century, what Manchester did today, the world did tomorrow.

At that time, it was the early adopters of the new technology who lead the way. They turned the world upside down then and we are ready to give it another go now, here in Manchester.

Innovation still leads the way and a short walk from your hub, the Bright Building, there was innovation galore. The world’s first railway, the first splitting of the atom, the first modern computer, the first votes for women and the first modern sex manual are all right here.

Our short stroll will show you where smart oldies got things going so that the new smarties of the 21st century can move us on. We hope their stories will inspire you to change our lives as you lead us into the future.