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TRUST and SOVEREIGNTY // Helen Knowles and Ismail Ertürk

Is it beneficial to cut out the middle man, gate keeper, institution or harbinger of respectability, authority and jurisdiction? Do we need banks, galleries, museums? Can the blockchain and its reliance on computational governance surplant these power houses? What does decentralization mean for the sovereign state and other intermediary forms and institutions and are there new forms of digital sovereignty or new unanticipated /unintended /unseen forms of power relations and vertical power coming into play?

Join FAULT LINES artist Helen Knowles and Ismail Ertürk of Manchester Business School and a special meeting of theorists, academics, writers and artists who research the blockchain to discuss these questions and contribute to the research and development of Helen’s new project ‘Trickle Down – A New Vertical Sovereignty’.

Helen Knowles is a multi- media artist whose work stems from an interest in the new sovereign territories of the internet and how these grind upon the old ‘horizontal’ sovereign territories of land, sea, and mineral wealth.

IoT101 // FutureEverything 

Learn how to prototype with Raspberry Pi and the CityVerve API! In this 1 hour introduction you’ll get started with a Raspberry Pi, learn how to request data with some very basic Python programming and use it to trigger hardware such as LEDs, motors and servos in real time.

The workshop has been specially designed for Future Sessions and will be led by FutureEverything’s Service Designer Ali Rome and Assistant Producer Callum Kirkwood.

Networked Foot Massage // Naho Matsuda

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, this session has been postponed

Reflexology is part of traditional Chinese medicine in which areas of the hands, feet, and head are understood to be connected to specific areas of the body. Organs, bones, and muscles can be relieved of pain, tensions and can be energised through massaging the sensory points.

In this ‘workshop’ Naho Matsuda will explore the holistic approach of reflexology and create a comparison and analogy to the evolution of the Internet of Things.

The aim is to engage and challenge the participant with concepts of the IoT through locating it in the context of holistic Chinese medicine. This workshop can only be experienced by one person at a time, please be prepared to take your socks off.

Naho Matsuda a transdisciplinary artist whose work investigates the social and cultural issues found within contemporary technological practice. Naho is also a FAULT LINES artist, developing her practice and projects with FutureEverything.

We are all Positively Charged Particles // Kasia Molga

In August 2017, FAULT LINES artist Kasia Molga art installation Positively Charged premiered at the Taipei Arts Festival. Join Kasia in this exclusive new workshop to find out about differences between mechanical and electrical power, how much volts and watts human body can generate, whether we can become “living batteries”, and what it means in the context of electricity consumption on the larger scale. Can we easily charge our personal devices using nothing else but our own body? Finish with the small workshop of making a winding-up device to power up your mobile phones.

Kasia Molga is a design fusionist, artist and creative technologist, working on the intersection of art / science / engineering. 

Human Centered Design // FutureEverything

We live in a diverse world where we are able to access practically anything we want at the touch of a button. This variety has created an unintended consequence, once simple tasks have become over complicated due to the number of choices we now have to make.

Predictive data can be used to remove some of the unnecessary options or decisions we make based off our own behaviour, but how do we ensure that there is a human element in this decision making process? How do we trust that the information at our disposal is what is actually needed to make a decision effectively and efficiently.

Our data is collected through countless interactions with digital products; there is a vast amount of data out there, but it doesn’t have any meaning without being contextualised with a human need for it to measured against.

At FutureEverything we are using the Human Centered Design process to discover human needs and form the hypotheses needed to make good use of this data in a smart city environment, with the aim of creating a frictionless infrastructure in Manchester.

This session will provide an introduction to Big Data, it will investigate the consequences of decision overload and contextualise the Human Centered Design processes place in building a frictionless smart city infrastructure. Participants will work through designing a frictionless infrastructure, or service, using AI to alleviate the stress created by the overwhelming number of decisions we face in today’s fast paced and diverse world.

IoT – Anything is Possible // Peter Evans

In this workshop you will discover some inspiring uses of the internet of things and learn how to think creatively about the endless possibilities it presents. After gaining an understanding of how data and objects can interact, you will generate ideas for using the technology in both practical and more fanciful ways.

The workshop is appropriate for complete newcomers to IoT, as well as people who have already worked with it and want to develop new ideas for innovative projects. It will be lead by FAULT LINES artists Peter Evans. Peter is an artist with a pluralistic practice investigating the patterns which weave through everything.

Algorithms: a crash-course // Dan Hett

Artist and technology troublemaker Dan Hett will guide attendees through the weird and unpredictable world of algorithmic creativity. Participants will be able to try out making their own bots, music and visual art using nothing but a web browser (bring a machine if you want to play along, this workshop is suitable for all abilities). During the session Dan will also be outlining and discussing some of the issues around our roles as squishy fallible humans in our increasingly algorithmically-driven existences.