An interactive exhibition by FAULT LINES artist, Ling Tan

Future Sessions are pleased to host the finale of SUPERGESTURES, a participatory and performative art project co-created with artist Ling Tan and the young people of Manchester, demonstrating their relationship with the city through wearable technology. Stories concerning freedom, pride, technology and ownership of the city are presented through an interactive online platform overlay with existing technology installed in Manchester.

The young people have explored the impact that technology has on their everyday life, while considering their visions for the future, through non-verbal expression in the form of body gestures. The term “SUPERGESTURES” represents the many gestures created by people as well as the massive gesture that many people can create at the same time.

The exhibition also includes a specially commissioned documentary film which has been created as a visual journal of the young people’s journey through the project; from the workshops through to the final outdoor performance.

SUPERGESTURES was commissioned by CityVerve in partnership with FutureEverything as part of their FAULT LINES talent development and commissioning programme and responds to the development of smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT).

SUPERGESTURES will be on show at the Bright Building until Friday 30 March, 2018.