Take part in an intimate conversation between an artist and a critical friend


Kasia Molga x Natalie Kane 

In projects liked Positively Charged or Coral Love Stories Kasia Molga uses technology to connect our body with complex social and natural systems. In her work, wearables and IoT devices are used to “get intimate with the anthropocene” and use or body to learn about the state of the oceans or the health or the envirornment. In this conversation with Natalie Kane, Curator of Digital Design at the V&A, we ask how can the IOT help us to engage with global conflicts and crisis on a intimate and visceral level.

Helen Knowles x Arthur van der Wees

As algorithmic systems and AI is used to take decisions that were previously in charge of humans, should we make them legally responsible for their actions? Will we endow them with rights and obligations? These fascinating dilemmas are present in the work of artist Helen Knowles and legal analyst Arthur Van der Wees. In her piece “The Trial of Superdebthunterbot”, Helen Knowles staged the trial of an algorithm deployed by a debt collecting company. Arthur Van der Wees is working as strategic legal advisor to Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed by the company Hanson Robotics. He is also a founding member of the European Commission’s Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI).

Ling Tan x Alison Powell

In the performance project SUPERGESTURES,  artist and designer Ling Tan explores how citizens can express their relationship with their city through wearable technologies. In this conversation, Ling and Alison Powell – Assistant Professor in Media and Communications at the LSE, Programme Director of the MSc in Data & Society – discuss how different smart city agendas can have an impact on our everyday life, and what agency citizens can have to influence the new ways cities are being built.